New Fengshui Good Luck Koi Fish Printed Canvas Painting for Home Decor


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In Fengshui Koi Fish Painting represents abundance, luck, wealth and flow of new opportunities. Koi fish symbolize perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character and purpose. Koi Fish painting is appropriate for both home and office. A painting of nine Koi fish – eight red and one black- is considered to be best in Fengshui. The number eight is the major prosperity number for fengshui practices. The purpose of one black koi fish is to absorb any negative energy that enters your home. The south eastern corner of your home is the best place to place your fish painting because that area governs your cash flow as well as your creativity or confidence. The north area (north represents water) and living room of the house is another favorable place to position the painting so don’t wait much to put this beautiful printed Canvas painting into your home/office. Size: 20” wide x 40” tall x 1.5” thick Price: $90 To see more of my Canvas Collection and reviews please visit my Facebook page link given below👇👇 Thank you🙏

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Listed on Jul 7, 2020


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