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Simply Inulin is a PREBIOTIC fiber extracted from a root vegetable Jerusalem Artichoke, that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Key benefits: (1) Bye bye bloating. (2) Aids weight loss. (3) Balances microbiome & cortisol levels. (4) Get that flat tummy. Taking a good care of your gut is very essential for our overall health. Recommended Use: Start with 1 tsp a day for a week. Gradually increasing to 4-5 tsp a day. If consuming more than 3 tsp a day, spread your intake throughout the day instead of having it all at once. How to incorporate Simply Inulin: (1) Add to plain water. (2) Add to tea or coffee. (3) Sprinkle over fruits. (4) Add to probiotic rich yogurt/kefir. (5) Add to protein smoothie. (6) Add in baking to increase fiber.

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Listed on Dec 2, 2020


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