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Welcome to my world of crafting. I’ve loved crocheting ever since 3rd grade. It all started one day in a handwork class. Miss Huynh, my handwork teacher, was showing the class how to crochet a small bag. Making the bag was so fun, I worked on it night and day. During the summer I decided to try and replicate the bag that I made at school. And it was a disaster!! It turned out so much smaller then I had envisioned. I was disappointed but it didn’t stop me. I found myself in a completely different world when I was crocheting and That’s when it hit me. What if I make it into a water bottle holder! I liked that idea. First, it would make my bottle look cool and also it protected it from dents and scratches. Taking my water bottle with me is great because it helps me drink filtered water, protect the environment by not using plastic, and look cool too. I sometimes color coordinate bags to match what I wear. Most of my skating buddies and school friends love the Water bottle holders and take it everywhere because it is a combination of practical and beautiful! Each water bottle holder is customized to your preference and style so that it is your own. My goal is for everyone to live each day in style and happiness! From there I branched out into making other things like crochet coaster, wine bottle holders, mason jar cozies, etc.